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Masuri Vision Series Club Cricket Helmet

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* Comfortable, lightweight and high quality, the Vision Series Club provides Masuri level protection for junior and senior club
level players. The new reinforced rim (HRS) minimises movement between the peak and carbon steel grille on impact.
* Carbon Steel Grille: The Vision Series Club model grille incorporates advanced manufacturing techniques to give cricketers of
all levels greater protection.
* Halo Reinforcement System: Masuri’s Halo Reinforcement System (HRS) is an extra strength helmet rim featured on every
model in the Vision Series. Made from the latest reinforced plastics, HRS ensures our cricket helmets have the brawn to protect
the wearer from a ball delivered at 90MPH.
* Colour: Navy, Maroon, Green, Black
* Size: Small 550-580mm, Standard 580-610mm , Large 600-630mm


Large, Standard


Maroon, Navy