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Katchet Catching Practice Aid

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* Katchet is practical, portable and offers a constant challenge to cricketers of all ages and abilities.
* Suitable for use with soft or hard ball, Katchet will provide situation specific training for all fielding positions.
* Katchet mirrors random deflections encountered when the ball deviates after hitting the bat or wicket.
* From school playing field to test arena, Katchet improves catching ability, technique, reflexes and fielding enjoyment.
* Katchet has been designed to deflect the ball in an unpredictable yet realistic fashion.
* Katchet uses a weather proof, impact resistant polypropylene surface which provides outstanding speed transference and durability.
* The textured surface and precisely engineered angle of Katchet enables the thrower to produce bounce and pace for the catcher with minimum effort.
* Katchet is a valued practice tool for International Cricket teams around the world.