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Salix Pod Batting Pad

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* A new range for 2020 carefully designed to offer the best protection, fit and weight in a textured, neutral palette.
* Featuring stylish new hinge moulded strap pull-tabs, all embossed artwork and highest quality materials.
* The designs are original and authentic, expertly built from our drawings, by the finest manufacturers who have made our soft leather for the last 30 years.
* new for 2020
* high grade 7 bar, perfectly proportioned traditional pad
* all bars cane fronted
* wide bolstered side wing, hinged for snug fit to the leg
* ultra light D7 Merri-skin PU faced
* quilted instep
* full quilted knee roll, end capped for reinforcement
* padded knee socket protective insert
* mesh lined padded straps
* double fixing on centre strap for reinforcement and close fit
* internal combination padding white PU and mesh lined: PU central padded bolster and knee socket, flanked by soft mesh lining
* neutral, white based pad with self-embossed logos and rivets
* pvc free
* Size: MRH, MLH, YRH, YLH


Large, Medium, Youth