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Salix S L X Alba Cricket Bat

£280.00 £223.95

* The SLX is characterised by the extended, low bow which gives it the lowest driving area in the 2020 range.
* The shape is pulled around a very thick, low edge, carefully profiled and pressed to create substantial bow and immense core strength down through the lower part of the blade.
* Ideal for batsmen who dominate on the front foot, the SLX is enormously powerful but comfortable and controlled with its precise, handmade balance and Salix signature pickup.
* contemporary semi-flat pressed face
* targeted pressing: rerunning through the driving area
* full back profile with minimal concaving
* concentration of wood through bat’s core
* core strength for a powerful bat
* edge shape following the back profile, with dominant, thick, low edges
* long, low bow
* lower driving area
* smooth, rounded toe
* slimmer semi-oval handle
* for hard hitting players, dominating on the front foot
* new pared back labels in ‘mercury’, sapphire and black
* senior SLX: 2,7 to 2,12 in Marque, Performance, Select and Alba
* junior SLX: Harrow to Four in Marque and Alba grades
* highest level of English artisan batmaking: individually handmade by Salix
* CNC free manufacturing, individual in-house pressing and processing from cleft to bat




Heavy, Light, Medium