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Salix Pod Marque Cricket Bat

£450.00 £359.95

* The archetypal, iconic handmade English bat, refined and improved every season since its launch over a decade ago, but still founded on the same basic principles: indulgently large profile, pitch perfect balance and stunning performance.
* The work of fastidious Salix hand making and individual treatment at every stage from cleft to bat.
* Traditional faced yet still bowed with a long, deep, mid driving area and amplified edges, the Pod is full backed giving both depth and mass through the bat’s core.
* The result is the greatest and most rewarding playing surface, with lightest pick up and superb manoeuvrability.
* Every angle is precisely shaped and smoothed through our unique sanding so the bat undulates in form – more sculpture than carpentry.
* The Pod is performance in its highest state.
* traditionally rounder pressed face
* classical bowed pressing, rerunning through the driving area
* sculpted profile with minimal concave sanding for fullest back
* concentration of wood in middle and spline of bat
* greatest core strength, intense control
* substantial edges
* gentle, long bow
* mid driving area
* triangular, slightly duck-billed toe
* pronounced, traditional oval handle
* for classical players, front & back foot
* new pared back labels in aquamarine ‘reeded’ copper and black
* senior Pod: 2,8 to 2,13 in Players, Marque, Performance and Select grades
* junior Pod: Harrow to Four in Players and Select grades
* highest level of English artisan batmaking: individually handmade by Salix
* CNC free manufacturing, individual in-house pressing and processing from cleft to bat




Light, Medium