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Newbery Renegade Player Cricket Bat

£364.00 £290.95

* Renegade is the perfect bat for club cricketers who play on slower, lower English wickets
* With a low middle and big where it matters, the Renegade packs a real punch.
* The balance and feel of this bat is superior for a bigger bat and lower sweet spot.
* Whether you are looking to smash the ball into orbit or play calculated strokes, this bat will ensure you are dominate at the crease.
* Available in Heritage Series and Performance Series
* Large Profile and big where it matters – in the sweet spot
* These bats fit inside the bat gauge.
* Low Middle – for superb performance on slower, lower pitches and general front foot play
* Minimal Concaving – ensures a wide, fuller sweet spot
* Blade Bowed – for maximum performance



Heavy, Light, Medium