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Newbery Phantom L E Cricket Bat

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* Arguably our most value for money range ever. Big on choice high in performance.
* It offers a sleek design with 5 choices of colour which makes it our most unique range It means you get to choose the colour that suits your personality and style whilst playing with arguably the best bat at this price range.
* These beautifully balanced bats mean a lower sweet spot, slight in-curves for better weight control and fantastic pick up. Pads and gloves are designed for comfort, control and ease of movement. The new white and silver design ensures they will fit with any colour you choose. The bags have a single, side open bat sleeve with heavyweight zips and wheels A range where you can truly express yourself on the field.
* Low sweet-spot.
* Slight Incurves for weight control,
* Balance and feel.
* Full Spine which distributes the weight to allow superior feel and pick up.
* Size: SH





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