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Newbery Legacy Pro Cricket Bat

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* Handcrafted from our finest pro-grade English willow,The Legacy bat is the pinnacle of Newbery craftsmanship.
* Professionally pressed with a generous sweet spot and superb bat speed, it’s your chance to finally get the bat you saw on TV. This is our best pro select willow, ensuring you get the best bat and become the envy of the dressing room. It’s part of a range of elite gear, from new technology memory foam pads, to reinforced fine leather gloves and a roomy, classically styled wheeled coffin. A range you’ll feel proud to own and one that will allow you to #CreateYourLegacy.
* Now is your chance to get the bat you saw on TV!
* Hand crafted from our Pro grade English willow – that’s the top 1% of clefts.
* Handcrafted by our master bat makers
* Light pick up/power ratio. Weight is transferred from shoulder to middle.
* Size: SH




Heavy, Light, Medium

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