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Newbery Quantum 5 Star Junior Cricket Bat

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* Sleek and classy, it’s easy to see why our Quantum Range topped sales in 2017.
* Hugely popular, with added flair and a bold large sweet spot, it’s a bat that was in the spotlight during the England v South Africa series 2017 and the Cricket World Cup in 2016.The full split gloves have a brand-new TT airflow pittard palm for improved sweat control and a mesh vented cooling system, whilst the pads are light-weight with unique Quantum stitching on the top hat, it makes for a classy look. The strong, stylish, durable bags have dedicated compartments for each piece of kit making a must have for the duffle bag purists.
* Mid to low sweet-spot, perfect for shots all around the ground.
* Full, long spine which creates a beautiful balance and feel.
* Slightly bigger bow to enhance pick up.
* Full Profile with a very wide sweet-spot.
* A customer favourite shape with a higher spine and fantastic performance
* Size: H,6,5,4


4, 5, 6, H

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