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Newbery Force Player Junior Cricket Bat

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* Our best-selling Junior range ever!Force Junior is bright, forceful and packed with power.
* The range proudly breaks all the rules.
* The well-balanced bat has a light pick-up and a large lower-middle sweet spot, with Newbery’s Duck Bill design for depth and power in the toe
* The gloves have a split knuckle design and a calf leather palm for added comfort
* The comfortable pads are light and ambidextrous. The protection on the gloves and pads are known worldwide as arguably the best for juniors in world cricket. The spacious bag has a side bat sleeve with a strong portable and durable design.The main objective of this range is not only to intimidate bowlers, but to offer a level of protection that makes it fun to play and express your skills at the crease without fear.
* Large lower middle – perfect for playing on slow and low wickets.
* Newbery’s ‘Duck Bill’ design, for added depth and power in the toe.
* A beautifully light pick up and balance.
* Slight concaving for maximum control and feel.
* Size: H,6,5


5, 6, H

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