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Newbery Excalibur Player Cricket Bat

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* The brand-new range with a legendary heritage.
* This unique, eye catching bat is a true departure from the norm, with distinctive sloping shoulders, a shorter spine and duck-bill toe. This style gained prominence (and to bowlers, notoriety) in the hands of former New Zealand all-rounder, Lance Cairns. It’s mid-to-high sweet spot and more willow where it matters, gives the bat enormous power and well-balanced weighting. The gloves are half spilt and half sausage with a cougar pittard palm for added comfort and dryness whilst the stylish pads are ultra-light with a high density, low rebound foam. The bag has twin fully enclosed bat covers, twin outside pockets for extra storage, heavy duty zips and wheels, it’s got all the basis covered.
* Mid to high sweet-spot.
* Newbery’s famous Excalibur sloping shoulders.
* Newbery’s ‘Duck Bill’ design, adds depth and power to the toe.
* Slight incurves for weight control and feel.
* Light pick up and beautifully balanced.
* Size: SH




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