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Gray Nicolls Powerbow Inferno 200 Cricket Bat

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* Styled to evoke the flowing lines and timeless colours of the original Powerbow, the ‘Inferno’ brings this most enduring of Gray-Nicolls’ marks up to date with an incendiary aesthetic that will reduce the competition to ashes: tongues of ferocious fluorescent flame lick their way from the toe of the bat upward and along the spine, showcasing the exaggeratedcontouringoftheblade.
* A full profiled bat with a dynamic low swell and dramatically feathered toe, combined with the mark’s synonymous long exaggerated bow, make for a powerful blade with a beguilingly light pick-up.
* A bold mix of black, yellow
and red give the bat a touch of flare, and a punch which underlines
the pyrotechnical characteristics of the Powerbow Inferno.
* This fusion of technical excellence and dynamic aesthetics run through the family as a whole, with equipment that will enable you to take your performance to the next level, in a style that demands attention.
* FINISH: Willow Antiscuff
* WEIGHT: 2.8lb 07oz – 3lb 12oz
* SIZE:SH,H,5,6




Heavy, Light, Medium

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