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Gunn & Moore Maestro Grade A Cricket Ball

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* Dramatically reduces costs with no sacrifice in performance
* The result of intensive research the Maestro® ball is proven to be indistinguishable in play to the very best of English Grade A balls at a fraction of the price
* Finest quality choicest butt leather, alum tanned, hand stitched and wax finished
* Specially formulated pre-shaped compressed cork and fine rubber centre, pure new wool, natural cork layers and fine leather combine to ensure excellent shape retention and perfect ‘feel’
* All GM leather balls conform to MCC regulations and are hand made to our exacting specifications under close supervision in specialist factories
* Strict quality control of materials and construction provides superior shape retention, true seams and avoidance of ‘hard’ balls
* Seam Stitches: 80/85
* Size: Senior 5½oz